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Franklin Elementary School

On Monday afternoon, the administrators of Franklin celebrated their second grade classes by throwing them an ice cream party. Students waited neatly in a line to get their ice cream, served by the hands of Ariel George, Giardely Baca, and Aliegh Roy, before breaking off with their friends to play.

The afternoon was well deserved. The class as a whole showed incredible growth in their academic scores throughout the year. At key intervals throughout the year, students are tested on their academic proficiencies. And, for this class of 2nd graders, the growths shown were huge.

We love seeing such hard work from these kids, and we’re excited to see their schooling over the next few years. Keep it up throughout the summer!


May 9th was our Family Fun Night!  We had entertainment, classes, and free food....

Lot's of teamwork and fun all day on May 21st for Field Day and Water Day.  ...

May 10th was our 5k Fun Run and the students did a great job!...