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Ms. Peterson saw a problem. In the library, we had foam boards that had been attached to the library wall and housed a map of the world… except this map wasn’t accurate. It was missing many countries and was very old! It really wasn’t helpful to anyone.

So she sat and thought for a minute, and if you know Ms. Peterson at all, she LOVES to recycle! She set off on the adventure of taking something unusable and making it beautiful!

All in all, the project took 11.5 hours to complete. Like most things that are this amazing, it was exhausting and took a lot of collaboration! There were times she had to stop and take a break and come back later because this was no quick project.

The results are incredible! If you have a moment, be sure to stop by the library and look at this amazing work of art!

Watch the complete time lapse of the project here:


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