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Keyboarding Games

Below are several fun websites to help improve your keyboarding skills by playing a game.

Dance Mat Typing a fun way to learn typing. Enjoy this popular site from the BBC with fun animals to guide your way through learning to type.

FreeTypingGame.Net is a premier site to play free typing games. Enjoy such games as “SpaceBar Invaders,” “Save the Sailboat Racer,” “Martian City Defender,” “Desert Typer Racer,” “The Frogs are Off Their Diet,” and even more fun games. Games can be customized for your typing ability – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

SlimeKids.Com is a site with a variety of keyboarding games, including the popular game “KeyMan,” “Alphattack,” “Type Type Revolution,” “Super Hyper Typer Spider,” and many more. is a site where the focus of the keyboarding games is to learn typing. There are many fun keyboarding games, including “The Typing of the Ghosts,” Typing Factory,” “Cup Stacking,” “QWERTY Warriors,” and many more.

TypingAdventure is the site where the keyboarder collects treasure buried at sea while avoiding the sharks.

Nitro Type – Improve your typing skills while racing with types from around the world or with your friends. You can create your own login and invite your friends to compete with you for bragging rights for your speed. – You can improve your typing skills by doing lessons to take care of those nagging problem keys or by playing a game suited to your level.