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Franklin Elementary School

If you take a stroll down the halls of Franklin Elementary, you might notice a series of frames on the walls by the art classrooms. Each space is set aside for a specific student to proudly display their work work of art. And each space is empty, waiting in anticipation to be filled by a masterpiece– until now.

Mrs. Gardner’s Fifth Grader have completed the year’s first works to show off to their peers. The subject? Themselves! Each student used glued paper and colored pencils to create a self portrait. Each work is beyond charming, and some of them are, in art terms, surprisingly avant guard. Mixed in with more traditional self portraits are displayed number art, and, in one case, a delightfully charming dinosaur. And who hasn’t felt more like a dinosaur than normal human?

Take a moment to check out the art in the gallery below, and stay tuned in to see more about what’s happening around Franklin Elementary.


May 9th was our Family Fun Night!  We had entertainment, classes, and free food....

Lot's of teamwork and fun all day on May 21st for Field Day and Water Day.  ...

May 10th was our 5k Fun Run and the students did a great job!...