This year Franklin joined the Battle of the Books competition.   Each team needed to read twenty books and answer questions for the books. We were only able to complete two rounds and the district battle was cancelled.  Posted are the scores for our two rounds and the winners.

Round 1                                 Round 2

Flash Readers.           33             56

Reading Phantoms   40             64

Wolves                        54              85

Electric Dragons       48             96.   Second Place

Reading Superstars.  63            94.   Winners

Congratulations to the Reading Superstars team:  Kyle Johnson, Kaitlin Morrise, Vienna Crocket, Ryker Hoffmann, Baltazar Austudillo You have each won a $30.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE to Pioneer Book store and a MEDAL for the Battle of the Books. Second Place Winners:  Ben Gardner, Christofer Mendoza, Dylan Williams,

Reynold Reyes, Liam Taylor.  You have each won a $30.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE to

Pioneer Book store. Thanks to all who joined and worked so hard.  We will do Battle of the books next year to include 5-6 graders as well as 3-4 graders.  Look on the media website for a list of grade level books so you can start reading this summer.